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INDOOR 2021/22


SWEMSA offers community indoor soccer for girls and boys born between 2003 & 2018.  Fees are set by SWEMSA, with uniform & equipment support supplied by our communities.

We also offer a competitive program, SW Sting FC whereby players are selected by a tryout process.  Fees are set by SW Sting FC & include additional technical training sessions.


U5 – born in 2017 or 2018- ** Saturday

U7 – born in 2015 or 2016 – ** Saturday

U9 – born in 2013 or 2014 – ** Saturday

U11 – born in 2011 or 2012 – ** Saturday

U13 – born in 2009 or 20010 – ** Saturday and/or Sunday

U15 – born in 2007 or 2008 – ** Sunday

U17 – born in 2005 or 2006 – ** Sunday

U19 – born in 2003 or 2004 – ** Sunday

** Games are scheduled by EMSA & can start anytime from 7:00 AM; game days are tentative & may be subject to change.


U5 = $200

U7 = $250

U9 = $365

U11 = $405

U13 = $440

U15 = $440

U17 = $440

U19 = $440



  • Community = U13 to U19
  • Premier = U9 to U19

Team Officials

  • Community = U7 to U19
  • Premier = U7 to U19

NOTE: Only EMSA issued cards are accepted. Not EDSA or any other organization.

To get an EMSA ID Card, send a jpeg of a head shot (no hats; sunglasses) and a copy of ID (Alberta Health Care card; Birth Certificate) to


  • Season begins October 23 2021


Traditionally community games have been played on Saturday for the younger age levels & Sunday for the older age levels.  SW Sting FC games were played on week nights, except for the lowest age level.  Games have been played at one of the indoor soccer facilities in the greater Edmonton area & a facility entrance fee applied to adults.  Facility passes are purchased directly at the facilities.  Refer to for more information.

EMSA Main creates the schedules & posts them on their web site a minimum of one week prior to the start of the season (mid-October).  Game times varied week to week & started anywhere from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

U5 schedules will be provided by SWEMSA.

Once we receive confirmation of age levels & days of play from EMSA, this information will be updated.


Start:  October 23, 2021
Christmas Break:  December 20, 2021 to January 2022
Games Resume:


This season, we do not have access to school gyms for the months of September and October. The City and the EPS Board will re-assess the situation for November. SWEMSA will try to find alternate venues such as the soccer centres.


A community league membership is required before a player will be confirmed on a team.  Memberships expire on August 31st of each year so you will need to purchase a new one for the 2021/22 indoor season.  This can be done directly through your community league, or through the Edmonton Federation of Community League web site.  Please purchase your membership before registering for the season.


  • Purchase at the Soccer Centres. Information at


Players require indoor soccer shoes, shin guards, shorts (preferably black) and soccer socks. Sponsoring communities provide a jersey.


If a player is interested in the SW Sting FC club program, please indicate this on this registration form – tryouts are required.  SW Sting FC program & tryout information can be found on their web site.

To participate in a SW Sting FC tryout all players must:

  • Register in the EMSA Soccer Portal for the season – this is done via your Household Account.
  • Register on the SW Sting FC web site tryout link. Click here to sign up for tryouts.

If you wish to secure a community team spot until the SW Sting FC tryout result is known, the community registration fee, volunteer & uniform deposits + all supporting documents must reach SWEMSA by September 18 at 4:00 PM.  If your child is confirmed on a team, we will transfer the community fee to SW Sting FC.  We are unable to transfer fees to other zone Club programs.

Any question regarding our Sting Program can be directed to the Sting Executive Director – Katrin Meier at


  • All Coaches & Assistant Coaches from U5 – U19 are required to have a volunteer Police Information Check Certificate (PIC) on file with SWEMSA (valid for the entire season, including post season play for certain age levels) in order to be placed on a team roster & permitted to participate with practices and/or games.
  • At least one Coach or Assistant Coach on each team must have the appropriate ASA NCCP Coach certification, or EMSA Level 1 or 2 training.
  • At least one Coach or Assistant Coach on each team advancing to Provincial competition must have the appropriate ASA NCCP Coach certification. for details.
  • SWEMSA, EMSA & your community have a support network in place who can assist you throughout the season.
    • Team formation – SWEMSA Age Level Directors
    • Equipment & Jerseys – Sponsoring Community Soccer Coordinator
    • Season Coach Package (Game Book, Referee Liaison Arm Band etc) – SWEMSA Administrator
    • Game Schedules – EMSA Community or Premier League Director
    • Practice Schedules – SWEMSA Administrator
    • Referees – EMSA Referee Director
    • Discipline and/or EMSA/ASA Discipline Hearing Support – SWEMSA Age Level Directors
    • EMSA Coaches’ Kit forms & season information – EMSA Community or Premier League Director
    • Any other help needed – contact your SWEMSA Age Level Director!


  • Required by every team official on every team per EMSA Policy #G-0306-001.
  • The certificate must be valid until the end of the season.
  • Forms will be available at each payment session, as well as at the SWEMSA office.
  • Age Level Directors will contact appointed team officials if forms need to be completed.
  • SWEMSA no longer receives a hard copy of the certificate from the Edmonton Police Service (EPS).

*** Each season, approximately 20% of our applicants are asked to visit the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) to provide more information before a certificate can be issued.  As you declared you don’t have a criminal record on your application, this request shouldn’t be of concern.  It’s simply a way for EPS to clear your name from their system, which has showed a match in either part of your name, birth date or gender.  In a few cases, fingerprints may be taken to definitively clear you.  If you are asked to complete this process, we thank you for your understanding in completing it as soon as possible & providing SWEMSA with the hard copy of the certificate you will receive from them.


  • Teams are formed by the SWEMSA Age Level Directors
  • Teams will have a maximum roster of 12 players
  • There will be 4 teams in one group for the first round, which ends mid December.
  • Teams will be re-grouped for the second round beginning in January 2021.
  • Trialists are not allowed.
  • Due to the lower number of indoor teams compared to outdoor, not all communities will have teams at each age level or gender.
  • Team formation begins on September 19, 2020 & will only include players from our zone who have provided SWEMSA with the player registration fee, deposits & all supporting documents by September 18th at 4:00 PM.
  • All friend, Coach & transfer requests entered on the registration form by September 19th will be reviewed & approved if possible, however cannot be guaranteed due to the limited roster size.
  • Age bump requests are reviewed by the Age Level Directors, who will seek input from the past & potential new Coach.  If it is confirmed the player can (1) safely play up, (2) has the skills to compete at the higher level & (3) there is space available the age bump will be approved.  You will be notified if there is any change in the registration fee.  If your child is looking for a more competitive program, please register them for a tryout with our Premier program, SW Sting FC.
  • Age bumps & requests from players who live outside our zone are placed after all age appropriate players have been placed on teams.  This includes community players who are trying out for a Premier team.
  • If you indicated your child will be trying out for a Premier/Club team on the registration form, we will only hold a community program spot (if paid & processed by September 18 @ 4:00 PM) until SW Sting FC has released their tryout results.  If you’re waiting for other Premier or Club team tryout results, please let us know if a registration should be cancelled & a refund issued per our policy.
  • Rosters will be released to the Head Coach within (2) weeks of the season starting.


  • Will be required by some age levels for both programs.
  • Must be valid for the entire season.
  • Are issued by EMSA Main at their office in the South Soccer Center (6520 Roper Road NW).
  • To get an EMSA ID Card, send a jpeg of a head shot (no hats; sunglasses) and a copy of ID (Alberta Health Care card; Birth Certificate) to Only EMSA issued cards are accepted. Not EDSA or any other organization.


SWEMSA Refund Policy – Click SWEMSA_Indoor_2022_Refund_Policy