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  • You will need a valid, current Community Membership to register.
    (You will not get past Step 1 of registration).
  • If you have already purchased one you will require the membership #.



Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) Memberships expire in August each year. All players registered in the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (EMSA) are required to have a valid membership. (1 per immediate family)
You must purchase your community league membership from the community in which you live, even if it does not have an active soccer program.




  1. Log-in or create an account on the
    • Forgot password? Use the forgot password feature.
    • Update all contact details before registering any players
  2. Add/ Register your player(s) and/ or team officials.
  3. All players and team officials require a separate registration
  4. For a demonstration on this system | Click Here

Note for Club Tryouts:

All players trying out for SW Sting FC must complete the online registration prior to tryouts.
If you want to hold a community spot, you must pay community fees.
If you are selected for SW Sting FC, club fees will be collected directly by SW Sting FC.



PAYMENT                  Please note: The registration is not finalized until payment has been received.


1. ONLINE – Visa/ MasterCard can be paid on the last step of your registration.

2. IN-PERSON – For indoor soccer, please see payment options on registration form. For outdoor, payment will be collected directly by your community coordinator

All player registrations are subject to our Registration Policy.

Important information

  1. If your details have changes since last registration, it must be updated before you register a player, team official or volunteer.  
    • Change in address, phone # or community league name?  From your Dashboard, (1) select Manage People on Account, (2) click on the pencil beside the name of the person you wish to update, make the corrections & save your changes.
    • Change in email address?  Contact

  2. If you don’t have an account, follow the step by step instructions in the Soccer Portal to create one.

  3. Register all players for the season.  You must register under the community where you live. You can ask for a transfer – This is done on Step #2 of the registration process.

  4. If you are interested in volunteering as a Coach, Assistant Coach or Team Manager on your child’s team, register that player first, choose the appropriate volunteer role & then complete a Team Official registration for yourself. If you are interested in volunteering on more than one team, you need to complete additional Team Official registrations.  

    Please complete all sections of the Team Official registration & add in as much detail on age level & gender, player requests, who you’d like to volunteer with etc.  Helpful hint:  In order for the registration to be completed, you have to scroll through the whole waiver & mark off at least one method of communication.

  5. How to request a different Zone or Community: How to select a different community



If a player is interested in the Sting FC club program, please indicate this on this registration form – tryouts are required.  Sting FC program & tryout information can be found on their web site.

To participate in a Sting FC tryout all players must:

  • Register in the EMSA Soccer Portal for the season – this is done via your Household Account.
  • Register on the Sting FC web site tryout link. Click here to sign up for tryouts.

If you wish to secure a community team spot until the Sting FC tryout result is known, the community registration fee, volunteer & uniform deposits + all supporting documents must be completed with your community.  If your child is confirmed on a team, we will transfer the community fee to Sting FC.  We are unable to transfer fees to other zone Club programs.

For any questions or inquiries about the Club program, please contact the Sting Executive Director at



You’ll need to provide the following supporting documents:

  1. Copy of the player registration form (for each player).
  2. Proof of birth (for each player):  birth certificate, passport, Alberta Health Care card or any other Government issued ID with a birth date.
  3. Proof of address which matches the address & parent name listed on the registration form:  parent Drivers License or current utility bill.
  4. Fee cheque payable to as per form, or if you paid on-line when registering, the payment confirmation receipt(s).