Coaches & Referees | EMSA South West

Coaching Requirements:

  • A minimum of two coaches 18 yrs+ must be present and participating in the group. All Coaches MUST have a valid CPIC including Vulnerable Sector Search on file with their district/club.
  • It is recommended that at least one Coach per group be trained, at minimum, at the appropriate NCCP Coaching Level.  NCCP courses – ASA Community Workshops
  • Rule of Two – Rule 13.6 is now enforced in all soccer activities.
  • Team Officials and bench attendants must wear a mask or face covering at all times while inside any building where EMSA games are taking place. They are to be put on as you enter the building and then not to be taken off replicas relojes de lujo again until after you have left the building. They are required in the dressing rooms and on the bench.