Coaches’ Kit | EMSA South West

Coaches’ Kit – Oudoor 2022

Forms, Instructions & Policies

1. U9 Game sheet instructions

2. U11 Game sheet instructions

3. How How to download game sheets from the portal

4. How To Score Games In The EMSA Portal

5. Blank game sheets (print and keep a few in your kit in case there are issues printing the electronic version)

6. EMSA ID Cards – Click the word Cards for information.

7. Schedules released by Wed. April 27, 2022

8. Season start day is tentatively May 1

9. U11 Post season play commitment form – DUE May 27, 2022

10. U9 Reschedule procedure

11. U11 Reschedule procedure

Concussion & Injury Protocols/Forms can be found on our Coaches’ Corner page.

Weather and Air Quality Guidelines can be found under Safety Resources on our Coaches’ Corner page.

U11 Round Schedule

  • Round 1: May 2 – May 11
  • Round 2: May 16 – June 1
  • Round 3: June 6 – June 22

Post Season Play

City Finals: July 4-10, 2022

Provincial Championships: July 22-24, 2022

All Star Event: July 23, 2022

Coaches’ Kit – Indoor 2021/22

The information below is for all age level community/club teams, unless otherwise noted. 

All U7 Community Coach forms and resources can be found at:

All U9 to U19 Community Coach forms and resources can be found at: Community League U9 – U19 Team Official Season Info | EMSA Main

All Club Coach forms and resources can be found at: CLUB League U9 – U19 Team Official Season Info | EMSA Main

Team Official Facility Pass Procedure

BOARDED TEAMS Club U9-U19, Community U9 – U19 and Mini U7 – Playing at the Edmonton Soccer Centres (East, West or South)

  • EMSA E-cards will be the only form of team official admission for the Edmonton Soccer Centres Boarded Facilities.
  • Team officials will need to download their team official e-cards from the Portal on their electronic device and show the Facilities staff when they enter.  They can download it each time they arrive or they can take a photo of it after they have downloaded it and keep it in the photos on their phone.  Instructions for downloading will be on the EMSA website under season info.
  • This means all team officials who are coaching teams that will play at one of the Edmonton Soccer Centres Boarded Facilities (East, West, South) will be required to get an EMSA E-card (regardless of age group, division, if you are an EMSA Member or Out of District team – everyone will need one)
  • If team officials do not have their EMSA e-card to present for admission, then they will have to pay to get in to the Facility and there will be no reimbursement.
  • This means it’s important that team officials get their EMSA e-cards before the season starts.  There is usually a back log of ID requests right before season starts so please don’t wait!
  • Here are the instructions on how to obtain an EMSA e-card for the indoor season:
  • Parents/spectators will need to purchase their own season pass or individual admission.   The tentative prices are $35.00 for a season pass or $5 per admission (children and seniors free).