2021/22 Team Official & Player Card Information | EMSA South West

Who Needs Cards To Participate In a Game?


Community = U13 to U19

Premier = U9 to U19

Team Officials

Community = U5 to U19

Premier = U7 to U19

NOTE: Only EMSA issued cards are accepted. Not EDSA or any other organization.

Procedure for ID Cards:


EMSA E-CARD (Electronical Card) is the new version of the EMSA ID Card (Hard Card Printed).

All EMSA players and Team Officials (checked off on the table below) must have an EMSA ECard which will be produced by EMSA MAIN (see instructions below).

EMSA MAIN will no longer print cards but all the cards will show on the EMSA PORTAL.

Where to find your EMSA E-CARD information?
All Players (or parents) and Team officials are able to view their personal EMSA E-CARD on their personal account in the EMSA PORTAL: log in to www.emsamain.com – home page – click on Manage People on Account.

YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE ONLY THE EXPIRY DATE or if you don’t have a EMSA E-CARD yet, the system will show “NO CARD AVAILABLE”.

Who needs to request an EMSA E-CARD?
a) If your existing EMSA ID CARD has expired: as mentioned above each E-CARD has an expiry date; please check that in order to renew the card and then follow the procedure below. (If not expiring during the Outdoor Season you will not need to renew).

b) If you are a new Player or Team official of EMSA you have to request an EMSA E –CARD following the steps below

How to renew or to request an EMSA E-Card? (PROCEDURE)
1. In order to request /renew the EMSA e –card you must be registered in the EMSA soccer portal.

2. Take a photo/Selfie of the Player, Team Officials, with NO hats, sunglasses,  hands in their faces, as well as they must have some type of clothing on like a t-shirt covering their shoulders.

3. Take a photo or scan one piece of Government issued ID for Players which can either be, their Alberta Health Care Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, or Driver’s License.

4. Send an email to Leonora at emsa.ecarding@gmail.com , please in the subject of the email state the full name of the person who needs an e-card “request EMSA e- card for (NAME and LAST NAME)” and in attachment enter the photo/selfie (point 1) and the Government issued ID (point 2)

NOTE: When sending in the Selfie, send it as an attachment in JPEG format, not in the body of the email. The picture should have their name attached to it, as well as. Do not send photos in a special file, or too small, to narrow or to stretched out. This makes exporting more difficult to work with and time consuming.

E-card How to Obtain your EMSA e-card