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Concussion Information

A concussion is an injury to the brain and this injury can be quite serious. Any blow to the head, face, neck, or body, which causes a sudden jarring of the head can cause a concussion. As an example, a ball to the head or face, or being checked into the board in hockey. A concussion can affect a person in the way they may think and their ability to remember things for a short time.

SWEMSA is concerned about concussions and would like to protect the safety of our soccer players, and the first step of doing so is education. Coaches, parents, and players should all review the information that is located down below. For your immediate reference and in-depth reading, we’ve attached some files. Thank you for being concerned enough to look into this matter.


Medical Clearance

All medical clearance documentation must be submitted to SWEMSA ( before a player is allowed to return to practice or games. The documentation should reflect that the player has successfully returned to school/work full time along with successfully exercising to exhaustion without symptoms reoccurring. Full details can be found below on the Alberta Soccer Concussion Protocol & Policy link below.

Alberta Soccer Concussion Protocol & Policy (Approved January 2016)

Canada Soccer Concussion Policy

Concussion Response Tool – Parents, Guardians, Coaches

Concussion Handbook For Parents

Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool

Facts About Concussion and Brain Injuries

Injury Report Form

If one of your players has an injury that actually takes them out of the game such as concussion, broken limb, or a serious injury of any nature, please fill out injury report form below and email it to our zone Administrator, Anika Louie ( Due to us moving offices during the month of February, we will be unable to accept this form via mail or fax.

SWEMSA Injury Report Form 121316


Injury Prevention

SWEMSA has been working with the FIFA 11+ program since 2020 and has since seen a drastic reduction in injuries during practices and games. In a 2017 study consisting of 6,344 players, it was found that the study group which used the FIFA 11+ program saw a 30% reduction in injuries over the control group with a 95% confidence interval. Due to this study along with many others proving the efficacy of the FIFA 11+ program, we encourage each and every team within our zone to adopt this program.

11+ Warm Up Exercises

11+ Warm Up Program

Safety Resources

Reporting Inappropriate Conduct

Player and Environmental Safety

Coach/Parent Resources