SWEMSA Board Member | EMSA South West

SWEMSA is a non-profit organization which oversees minor soccer programs for our 31 geographical communities, plus our Club program, Sting Sao Paulo.  Our board is made up of volunteers from our communities & Sting Sao Paulo, providing support & guidance throughout the outdoor & indoor seasons.  We follow SWEMSA bylaws, policies & procedures, as well as those of EMSA, ASA, CSA & FIFA.

Board meetings are held once per month & are open to all board members & administrative staff.  We hold a Planning Meeting in October, as well as our Annual General Meeting in November each year.

The Directors of SWEMSA shall ensure performance of the duties hereinafter mentioned, notwithstanding any other duties which may or may not be contained in SWEMSA’s Bylaws, and shall supervise the performance of any Administrator hired to carry out the duties prescribed by Article 5 of our bylaws.

The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Board of Directors, which consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, seven District directors and a Sting Sao Paulo Director.

The President, Vice President, District Director or the Southwest Sting Director shall not be on the Board of Directors for more than eight consecutive years in each position.

President – 2 year term, elected in even years.

  • Represents SWEMSA at all meetings of EMSA and other organizations, as required, and shall liaise between SWEMSA and other organizations and/or groups.
  • Chairs the Annual General Meeting, Special Meeting, meetings of the Board, and shall be ex‐officio of all committees of SWEMSA.
  • Is the official spokesperson for SWEMSA unless he and/or the Board decides to delegate that responsibility to another Board Director on a case by case basis.

Vice President – 2 year term, elected in odd years.

  • Performs the duties of the President in the event of his absence or resignation.
  • Should the President’s office become vacant during the year, assumes that office until the next Annual General Meeting.
  • Assists the President as required.

Treasurer – 2 year term, elected in even years.

  • Ensures that appropriate records are maintained for all financial transactions carried out by SWEMSA.
  • Is bound by the provisions of Article 9 (Banking, Borrowing, Investing & Spending) and Article 10 (Fees, Fines, Penalties & Interest).
  • Ensures that an Annual Operating Budget is presented to the Board, and that a report of the financial status of SWEMSA is made available to the Board at each meeting of the Board.

Secretary – 2 year term, elected in odd years.

  • Ensures that a record of attendance and minutes of meetings are kept for all meetings of SWEMSA.
  • Files with the appropriate legal body any rescission, alteration of, or addition to any Bylaw of SWEMSA.
  • Ensures that minutes and notices of meetings of the Board of Directors are circulated in good time to all members.
  • Completes complete the Alberta Government Corporate Annual Return and submit same to the ministry for registration.

District Directors – 2 year term

University, Kaskitayo, Terwillegar, Greater Windermere are elected in even years.

Southgate, Riverbend, Heritage Valley are elected in odd years.

  • Nominations are presented at the SWEMSA AGM & votes are cast by the communities within the District only.  If the position becomes vacant prior to the AGM, the communities may present their request at a regular board meeting to fill an interim position.
  • Supports the community Soccer Coordinators:
    • Seeks input on issues that require a vote at regular board meetings.
    • Informs of board decisions that affect their programs.
    • Ensures they are aware of all bylaws, policies, rules of SWEMSA, EMSA, ASA.
    • Assists with planning of community soccer program organization.
    • Provides additional soccer system technical training support.
    • Ensures they are in compliance with deadlines set out by SWEMSA and/or EMSA.
    • Assists if help needed to complete tasks on time.
    • Provides training & support to community Administrative staff.
    • Acts as proxy at meetings where their vote is required.
  • Represent their communities for decisions/votes made at regular board meetings.
  • Represents their communities at the EMSA annual planning meeting.
  • Represents SWEMSA at tournaments and/or post season competitions.
  • Assists the President in any duties as directed.
  • Supervises the SWEMSA Administrative staff & lends support when needed.
  • Brings forward suggestions to enhance our soccer program.
  • Has the opportunity to sit on any committee formed by the board.

Sting Sao Paulo Director – appointed by the SWEMSA Board as above, on a yearly basis.

  • Represents the SWEMSA Club program, Sting Sao Paulo at SWEMSA board meetings.
  • Is responsible for the day to day operation of the program.


The following board members do not vote at regular meetings:

Age Level Director

  • Forms all teams for the indoor season.
  • Acts as the liaison between SWEMSA , our communities, players & parents for their specific age group(s) during the indoor & outdoor seasons.
  • Provides Coaches, players, parents with information during the indoor season.
  • Approves age bump requests for their specific age groups during the indoor & outdoor seasons.
  • Attends mandatory Coach meetings held by SWEMSA.
  • The Board of Directors may elect or appoint Age Level Directors in any manner that they see fit, including from among themselves.
  • Age level directors shall receive notice & attend any meeting of the Board of Directors, but have no vote.

Community Soccer Coordinator

The role of a community Soccer Coordinator has standard requirements for each of our communities, however the structure of their Soccer Committee can be quite different.

  • Attends SWEMSA board meetings (10 per year)
  • Attends SWEMSA planning meeting (October) – Votes
  • Attends SWEMSA AGM (November) – Votes
  • Attends EMSA AGM (February) – Votes
  • Attends mandatory soccer system training sessions provided by SWEMSA.
  • Is confirmed by the SWEMSA board of directors after written approval is received by SWEMSA from their community league President.
  • Works with their community league board to create & maintain a soccer program:
    • Main contact between parents, players, community league & SWEMSA board members.
    • Forms & oversees a committee to run the program.
    • Prepares & presents a proposed outdoor budget to their board (October) based on information provided by SWEMSA, EMSA, ans possibly their committee members.
    • Provides District Director with feedback needed for voting at regular board meetings.
    • Supervises paid Administrative staff; ensures deadlines are met & work is done in compliance with SWEMSA, EMSA, ASA regulations.

Community Soccer Committee

The structure of a community Soccer Committee varies from community to community.  Each has unique needs & some may hire an Administrator to complete various tasks.  An example of a committee based on 150+ players may be as follows:

  • Advertising – Outdoor Season
    • Implement advertising plan for the outdoor season:
      • Web site, newsletters, social media, community league sign, inside community league hall, stores, schools, daycares, professional offices, door to door flyer drop, roadside signs etc.
  • Coach Support – Outdoor Season
    • Hosts pre-season meetings for the outdoor season:
      • Provide financial support information specific to community league (reimbursement of course & tournament fees, Referee payments etc).
      • Provide season resource information (rules, policies, procedures, web site links)
      • Provide important dates specific to community league (team photos, year end party, equipment & jersey pick up/return).
      • Provide communication flow details.
      • Encourage Coaches to enter Referee feedback when scoring games.
    • Provides ongoing support during the season; make contact after week 2, send a mid season survey after week 4 & at the end of the season by survey.
      • Provide feedback from contact after week 2 & survey results to Coordinator; follow up on any concerns.
  • Equipment – Each Season
    • Create a list of equipment (bag, balls, nets, flags, first aid kit, pinnies, cones etc) needed for all age levels.
    • Take inventory of equipment available for each season; provide Coordinator with list.
    • Provide Coordinator with a list of items needed & cost involved.
    • Create numbered equipment bags & inventory sign out list; provide Coordinator with list.
    • Obtain jersey bags & sign out list from Uniform committee member.
    • Distribute equipment & jerseys; provide Coordinator with list of bags signed for & by whom.
    • Arrange for equipment & jersey return; complete inventory in presence of the person returning; provide Coordinator with list of missing items.
    • Repack equipment bags to be ready for the next season.
    • Make repairs to equipment that is still usable or throw away (provide details to Coordinator).
    • Donate excess equipment to other communities, sports organizations or charitable causes after approval given by Coordinator.
  • Field Maintenance – Outdoor Season
    • Inspect the fields pre-season, & each week during the season to ensure safety & proper field markings.
      • Notify the City 311 line of repairs needed; inform Coordinator & SWEMSA Administrator if fields are unplayable due to safety concerns.
      • Notify the Coordinator and SWEMSA Administrator if fields need to be relined.
    • Inspect the fields in July & September; notify the City 311 line of repairs needed (inform Coordinator & SWEMSA Administrator).
  • Referee Support – Outdoor Season
    • Act as a mentor to Center & Assistant Referees.
      • Provide support pre-season & during the season; make contact after week 2, week 4, week 6 & at the end of the season.
      • Provide course information.
      • Provide assistance with completion of game sheets and/or Referee payment forms.
      • Provide assistance with rules of the game.
      • Provide on-site feedback to new Referees after a few games each season.
      • Review Referee feedback report weekly (obtained from Coordinator) & provide additional support/positive feedback.
  • Registration Payment Sessions – Outdoor Season
    • Works with Coordinator and/or Administrator to organize sessions.
      • Book venues.
      • Work with Advertising committee member to ensure content is accurate; provide time lines.
      • Assist with set up & tear down of tables, chairs etc.
      • Assist with obtaining copies of documents, supplies needed (lap tops, printers, pens etc).
      • Provide support to the Coordinator and/or Administrator at each session (directing parents, on-line registration support, completion of documents etc)
  • Team Photos – Both Seasons
    • Research photographer costs & provide details to Coordinator.
    • Book photographer & location; clarify what will be needed on the day (jersey #’s, player names, soccer ball etc).
    • Set up schedule & advise teams of details.
    • Meet photographer on photo day & assist where necessary.
  • Uniforms – Both Seasons
    • Create a list of jersey sets needed for all age levels (size & number required).
    • Take inventory of jersey sets available for each season (include brand name, style & number on back of jersey); provide Coordinator with list.  Assign each set of jerseys with an inventory number.
    • Provide Coordinator with a list of jersey sets needed & cost involved.
    • Create inventory numbered jersey bags & sign out list.
    • Provide Equipment committee member with jersey bags & sign out list for distribution with equipment.
    • Help at equipment return; complete inventory in presence of the person returning the jerseys; provides Coordinator with list of jerseys returned so deposit cheques can be shredded.
    • Follow up with parents when jerseys not returned by deadline; let Coordinator know if deposit cheque should be cashed.
    • Repack the bags to be ready for the next season.
    • Make repairs to jerseys that are still usable or throw away (let Coordinator know).
    • Donates excess equipment to other communities, sports organizations or charitable causes after approval from Coordinator.
  • Volunteers – Outdoor Season
    • Obtain a list of volunteer needs for the season from the Coordinator and/or other committee members.
    • Contact volunteers to confirm position, location, time etc.
    • Confirm with Coordinator and/or other committee members volunteer duty was performed
    • Inform Coordinator of names to update in the soccer system & cheques to be shredded.
    • Follow up with volunteers after task completed to obtain feedback and thank them for their time!
  • Year End Party – Outdoor Season
    • Plan a year end party event for community league working within the budget set out by the Coordinator.
      • Book venue.
      • Purchase supplies & provide receipts to Coordinator.
      • Work with volunteer committee member to confirm the number of volunteers needed.
      • Assign tasks to volunteers:  Set up, tear down, grounds clean up, food prep/distribution etc.