Tips for Parents | EMSA South West

Parent Tips for a Successful Outdoor Soccer Season

  • Have your child at the playing or practice field on time. He or she should have a meal before the game and lots of fluids well before game time, especially on hot days.
  • Ensure your child is equipped to play soccer. Set aside a bag for footwear (runners or cleats are fine for ALL age levels), socks, shin guards, water, sunscreen, bug spray, etc. You may also need a snack for half time.
  • Please leave pets at home. City bylaws do not allow dogs on soccer fields or playgrounds.
  • Family and friends are encouraged to come out and cheer the players on. Please keep a watchful eye on younger fans so they do not wander too close to the playing field.
  • Support your coaching team by keeping away from the player area. These volunteers want to enhance your child’s knowledge of the game and team play. Please give them space to coach.
  • Respect the referee and abide by any requests he or she makes of the players, coaching team, or parents.
  • Disrespect to a referee can result in a disciplinary hearing for the community or even suspension from your community’s soccer program.
  • Cheer for ALL the players on the field. They will respond to the encouragement.