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Check out our Indoor 2021/22 page for important details on the upcoming season.   If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact the SWEMSA Administrator Mary Hilbrecht.


What will the Indoor 2021 format look like? Games or Training only?

That is dependent upon the Alberta Health Services A Path Forward. We are constantly updating and revising our program to match the guidelines set forth. At the current moment, we are scheduling full games.

What are the Indoor fees?

The Indoor 2021/22 Fees are posted on the home page and the registration page.

What do I do with my 2020/21 Soccer Centre Pass?

Your 2020/21 soccer pass is good for next year as well. ESAF has extended the expiry date to April 2022. Keep it! (ESAF will not replace lost passes nor refund passes)

Where can I find information about Safe Sport?

Alberta Soccer Association and Parent’s Corner – https://emsasouthwest.com/play/parents-corner/

When does the season start?

October 23, 2021

What is the maximum roster size?

We will be following EMSA Main rules for roster size.

How many games/practices per week?

There is one practice per week (depending on gym or soccer centre availability) and one game on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday).

Where do I find the schedules?

Schedules will be released October 20, 2021 from EMSA Main at www.emsamain.com

Do I need to fill out a Health Check Form before each game and practice?

Yes. This will be done via Team Snap.

What if I want a refund?

Please the SWEMSA Refund Policy.

Where do I find the Information sheets for the sanitizers used for the equipment and players?

Vita Oxide Information Sheet

Nugentec NuRinse Information Sheet