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June 1, 2021

Alberta Soccer – Return to Train Guidelines – Alberta Soccer 8 & 2 Return to Train Guidelines for YOUTH (18&under) – OUTDOOR ONLY (Effective June 1, 2021)


May 9, 2021

Effective May 9, 2021 at 11:59pm:

Outdoor activities

  • All outdoor sports and recreation activities are prohibited, except with members of your household, or your two close contacts if you live alone. This includes:
    • all group physical activities, such as team sports, fitness classes, training sessions
    • all one-on-one lessons and training activities
    • all practices, training and games
  • City of Edmonton Sports fields will be closed May 10, 2021 to May 30, 2021



January 22, 2021


December 8, 2020

Message from EMSA Main:


Good morning,

As expected, in light of continuing increase in Covid19 spread, the Government of Alberta decided yesterday to implement stronger public health measures.

Full information here:

The new restriction effectively shut down all sport and recreation province-wide until at least TBD

As a result of this measures, EMSA is effectively suspending all organized soccer activities until TBD.

EMSA is encouraging all young soccer players in our program to do their best to stay active during these next 4 weeks and will work with coaching staff to help them provide virtual training and support for their teams during this period.

EMSA and our facility partners made a commitment to do everything possible to complete this 2020-2021 Indoor Season once the restrictions are lifted.

EMSA’s scheduling team is working on re-arranging the new January-to-April Schedule in order to give our teams as many games as possible for the remainder of the Indoor Season.

We trust that the new Government of Alberta restrictions, coupled with recent vaccine development will allow all of us to resume a much normal activity come 2021.

In the meantime, stay safe, take care of each other and try to enjoy this Modified Christmas Season.




November 12, 2020

As you may already know the Government of Alberta announced yesterday a two-week pause of our season. No soccer related activities from November 13 to 27, 2020. We plan to restart again on the 28th of November.

We are working with EMSA to reschedule all games and practices and continue to plan for a full season. We are considering rescheduling games during the Christmas Break and push the end date of the season into April.



November 6, 2020

Alberta Soccer Association Return to Soccer

Updates noted on pages 12, 14 & 38



September 21, 2020

Alberta Soccer Association Return to Soccer



September 15, 2020

Alberta Soccer Association Return to Soccer

Return to Soccer – Phase 2


June 24, 2020

Alberta Soccer Association Return to Soccer Plan

Alberta Soccer Return to Soccer Plan – June 2020 V9

Return To Train Webinar – FAQ’s

Health Check


NuRinse safety data sheets:

NuGenTec NuRinse Information


Vital Oxide safety data sheets:

Vita Oxide Information



June 15, 2020

Alberta Soccer Association webinars for the Return to Train/Play protocols.


June 8, 2020

EMSA South West Zone – Return to Play Assessment – click the link below for details:

Return to Play Assessment

SW Sting FC – Return to Play Assessment – click the link below for details:

Return to Play Assessment_Sting


May 26, 2020

Message from SWEMSA President:

I know there is a great amount of information we see and hear daily. In Edmonton and Alberta there are very positive signs as we have collectively worked together to get to this point. In the past week there has been a lot of information about Summer Camps and Sports etc. We are all excited about this news but with some cautions. So, a few key points:

  • Soccer Canada has still suspended all Soccer activities nation wide. There will be no training practicing or organized in person activities permitted at all until Soccer Canada lifts the suspension and Alberta Soccer in consultation with the Alberta Government gives us the approvals.
  • We know and appreciate Dr. Hinshaw’s and Alberta Health Services directives about team sports recently. This has given us the opportunity and direction to present plans to Soccer Canada for approval to return to play. It must be noted that even though local health authorities have relaxed conditions we must wait to be directed officially by our governing bodies.
  • So, family practices are encouraged. We will send out a family practice plan to all players later his week with a contest for those who complete their family practice plan.
  • We are working too on some specific in person virtual training. This perhaps will be a new part of soccer going forward. We are working with a Club in Calgary who are sharing their successes with us. In saying that we would invite any of you who have production, video, sound and technical expertise to perhaps consider volunteering some assistance to us.

Please if you have any questions at all fell free to email me or we can arrange for a phone call.


May 22, 2020

Message from Alberta Soccer Association:

Dear Alberta Soccer Members

Please note that organized soccer is still under a Canada Soccer suspension. Alberta Soccer is working diligently with all relevant authorities to enable members to get back on the field safely. Until such time that the Canada Soccer suspension is lifted all members must refrain from any in-person organized soccer activities.

Canada Soccer in-person Sanctioned Activities include all Alberta Soccer District and Member in-person sanctioned activities. This means that all Soccer League games, playoffs, practices, camps, try-outs, tournaments etc at all levels of play are affected by this announcement.



May 6, 2020

We at SWEMSA and SW Sting FC, hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. That is most important.

COVID-19 has thrown something at us that most of us have never seen or experienced before and it has changed how we go forward in sports. The National governing body, Canada Soccer, along with the Provincial governing body, Alberta Soccer, have postponed all soccer activities for the outdoor season. Under the guidelines set forth by the public health authorities and the government, the hope/goal is to have the season for the months of July and August. We know the players want to get out running around again, enjoying the sport we all love.

SWEMSA and SW Sting FC is preparing for an outdoor season or the possibilities of camps. Again, we must follow the guidelines as per CSA, ASA, and the health authorities.

For those families that won’t be around July and August, we understand and are issuing full refunds. For those families that will wait and see what transpires, updates will be posted as soon as decisions are made.


May 4, 2020

Good afternoon,

We at SWEMSA and SW Sting FC, hope your families are doing well and staying healthy.

As the snow has melted and the weather is sunny, the itch to have a practice, or fun game is growing. The City of Edmonton has opened fields 1-May-2020 for CASUAL USE ONLY following the AHS rules of group sizes and social distancing. However, Canada Soccer, the National governing body, has suspended all soccer activities under the advisement of the public health authorities. This is essential that everyone adheres to this policy.

Any Team Official hosting a practice, game or technical session will be sanctioned by EMSA, Canada Soccer and Alberta Soccer. This includes getting the team together and kicking the ball around on green space. We are awaiting guidance from our governing bodies on how and when we can resume any organized activities.   

We must continue to be strong and flatten the curve. The quicker we follow the guidelines set forth, the quicker we can be playing again.



The NCCP courses will be online for now. This covers the “theory” portion only. To be certified you must also take the “field” portion. The various zones and districts in Alberta, will be hosting the “field” portion once it is allowed by the public health authorities. However, you can get part of your NCCP training done now. The online theory portion is free. There will be a fee for the field portion, and that is dependent on the district or zone who hosts the field portion.

Here is the registration link for the online workshops to:


ASA has also created a little tutorial video for participants on the new process which you can view by clicking HERE


Alberta Soccer Updates (Click image)



EMSA Message – May 1, 2020 –


Canada Soccer Updates (Click image)