THANK YOU Paul Gantar! | EMSA South West

THANK YOU Paul Gantar!

On behalf of the entire SWEMSA family, we thank Paul Gantar for his many years of service on our board.  Paul joined SWEMSA in 2010, holding the positions of Vice President, President, Age Level Director, Facilitator of Mini Coach clinics & Director of our Club Program, Sting Sao Paulo Soccer Club.

Paul has also held many other positions in the Edmonton soccer scene.  To appreciate just how committed he is to soccer, please review his extraordinary bio!

It is difficult to express how grateful everyone involved in SWEMSA is for his guidance & insight over the years.  Since joining our board, he has been instrumental in shaping our community program, which is now the largest in the City of Edmonton.  While he has passed the Presidential torch, thankfully he remains on our board as the Sting Sao Paulo Soccer Club Director.


THANK YOU PAUL for your many years of service!