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FAQ – Return to Train/Play

FAQ for the Return to Train Program


1. Will EMSA be modifying the rules for safety reasons? For example, instead of throw ins, the players must do Kick Ins. This will help with less hands on the soccer balls. This goes for heading as well. No heading for the older age groups.
SWEMSA will be modifying the rules for safety reasons. No Throw Ins, and no heading. The players will do Kick Ins instead.


2. If the games start sooner than expected, will EMSA not worry about EMSA ID Cards?
It would be good to get your EMSA ID Card as they are good for 5 years.


3. Phase 1 is to begin this Friday June 12. Would it be wiser to wait 14 days to start Phase 2 (June 26) instead of the proposed date of June 19?
SWEMSA is not rushing into playing right away. There are protocols and procedures that must be in place before going to the fields. SW Sting FC will start the club tryouts on June 20th.


4. Are the kids required to play in masks?
– Masks are not required.


5. There will be no games this year and there will only be practices?
– There will be an opportunity to play games within cohort group only. The games will be modified.


6. Will there be soccer activities scheduled twice a week like it has been in the past? How frequent will be the practices?
– This will be decided by the Districts/Coordinators and teams involved in the cohort group. It is flexible.


7. If I sign up and after it starts, we don’t like it can we still get a full refund?
Yes. Please contact your Community Coordinator.


8. What about their instructions to sign waivers on EMSA Soccer Portal household account, does this still need to be done before June 19?
– The new waivers MUST be signed before a player and Team Official enters the field.


9. Do I still need to request for refund by June 19th if the modified program is not what we expected, or we still can wait for decision when more details come out?
If the new program does not work with your schedule or your family is not comfortable, you can ask for a full refund.


10. Will the 2 meter rule be in place while the players wait to get on the field?
Yes. The 2 meter rule is in place on the sidelines and practices.


11. In this first phase of soccer, will my child’s team be playing with other teams?
There is only training in phase 1. For phase 2, teams stay within the zone and in your cohort group (no more than 50 people including Team Officials).


12. How will infractions of the Covid-19 rules be managed at the game?
Any issues, you can call the SPOC delegate (number to be posted). The SPOC and the SWEMSA Discipline Committee will handle any infractions.


13. How many players will be on a team?
Rosters sizes do not really matter. The main thing is a cohort group can not be more that 50 people and that includes Team Officials.


14. In the email that was sent it mentions ‘Teams may practice/scrimmage with another team following cohort restrictions.’ What does cohort restrictions mean? SWEMS/EMSA met with Alberta Health and Sport Alberta Ministries. Dr. Hinshaw has approved a team or team(s) may form a cohort where during game play, no social distancing is required. Strict rules around health checks, contact tracing, sanitizing and emergency
protocols. We have been tested by soccer Canada and we are considered low risk and we will ensure all involved will comply.


15. Can communities opt to be cohorted only with themselves? For example, Belmac would not play other communities during this season. If yes, can communities play mixed age teams? If yes, can rules be modified accordingly? – Absolutely. The Community Coordinator can schedule players within their own community only, with modified rules, as long as all AHS and ASA protocols are in place. Keeping in mind the maximum number allowed in a cohort group.


16. Can coaches opt out of the drills/skills certification training? ie long time coaches
– No. Due to AHS protocols, all Team Officials must take the certification training, so they understand the new procedures to stay safe.


17. I assume scrimmages will be without Referees and fields marked?
– Scrimmage format will be up to the teams playing each other. Such as playing 5 v 5 on a smaller field. This is flexible.


18. Will we be able to scrimmage City Wide teams, or do we have to stay within our zone?
– This is still being discussed with ASA and AHS. Right now, you must stay within your zone.