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One member of each U5 – U19 community team must attend the meeting – it can be the Head Coach, Assistant Coach or the Team Manager.  This is a great opportunity to hear important information about the upcoming season + meet your fellow Coaches.  Topics range from how to fill out a game book, tournaments, post season play, new game and/or EMSA rules, how to deal with concussions & injuries + much more.  You will be given your Coaches Kit, which includes your game book, at the end of the meeting.


U5-U11 Community Team Officials – Wednesday April 22, 2020

Location: Blue Quill Community Hall (11304 25 Ave)

Age: U5 to U7  – 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Age: U9 to U11 – 7:15pm to 8:15pm

U13 to U19 Community Team Officials – Thursday April 23, 2020

Location: Duggan Community Hall (3728 106 St)

Age: U13 to U19 – 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Coaches’ Kit – 2020 Outdoor

The information below is for all age level community teams, unless otherwise noted.  For U13 – U19 community age levels, all your season resources can be found on the EMSA website at 


Forms, Instructions & Policies

  1. U11 Post Season Form 2020 – U11_Post_Season_Commitment_Form_2020

2. How To Score Games In The EMSA Portal

3. Game Sheet Instructions 2020 –  Electronic Game Sheets.

  • How_To_Enter_Jersey_#_Print_Game_Sheets
  • U11 Game sheets are due in the SWEMSA office by 10:00 AM next day & can be sent by scan/email or dropped off in person.
  • U11 Game Sheets – Email to Janice Quinn at

4. Carding Session Memo

5. Lightning Policy – NEW July 11, 2017

Anytime during a game, when thunder is heard, the game is suspended immediately.  Wait 30 minutes.  If no thunder after 30 minutes, proceed with the game.  If thunder is heard prior to the 30 minute mark, restart the clock and wait another 30 minutes.  To review the new CSA policy, click here.

6. Air Quality Monitoring Guideline

7. Reschedule Policy – SWEMSA_Outdoor_2020_Reschedule_Procedure

Games can only be stopped by the Center Referee, who will base their decision on field & weather conditions being safe.  Games are considered complete according to the EMSA rule 5.5 – 2/3 of the game must be played:


Age Total Time Regulation Halves    2/3 Game Time
U15, U17, U19 90 minutes 2 X 45 minutes 60 mins
U13 80 minutes 2 X 40 minutes 53.33 mins
U11 70 minutes 2 X 35 minutes 46.66 mins
U9 60 minutes 2 X 30 minutes 40 mins
U7 50 minutes 2 X 25 minutes 33.33 mins
U5 40 Minutes 2 x 20 Minutes 26.66 mins


If U13-U19 games need to be rescheduled, follow the EMSA Reschedule Policy & Procedure.

If U9/U11 games need to be rescheduled, follow the SWEMSA Reschedule Policy (#7 above).

There are NO rescheduled games for the U5-U7 age levels.


8. Sideline Placements for Teams and Spectators EMSA

9. Referee Liaison Program EMSA – Also applicable for U11 teams in SWEMSA for 2018 Outdoor.

10.  Heading Policy

11. Player Medical History Form (to be kept by Team Officials in sealed envelope & only provided to EMS/medical personnel in case of emergency)

12. SWEMSA Coach Meeting Summary – Please email Mary Hilbrecht for this summary.

Concussion & Injury Protocols/Forms can be found on our Coaches’ Corner page.



Schedules, Rounds & Post Season Play

U7:  Schedules are created by the communities or SWEMSA & will be for the entire season.  No games will be rescheduled due to rain outs.  Schedule information will be available by April 27 on our Schedules tab.

U9:  Schedules are created by SWEMSA.   Schedule information will be available by April 27 on our Schedules tab.

  • Round 1:  May 4 – May 14
  • Round 2:  May 19 – June 4
  • Round 3: June 8 – June 25

U11:  Schedules are created by SWEMSA & will be available on our Schedules tab & accessible through your Coach Log In.

  • Round 1:  May 4 – May 14
  • Round 2:  May 19 – June 4
  • Round 3: June 8 – June 25

U13-U19:  Schedules are created by EMSA & will be available on their Schedules tab & accessible through your Coach Log In.


City Finals (U11-U19):  June 29 – July 5 ( NOTE:  As of June 6, the rules have not been updated.  Check back frequently!


Provincials:  July 17 -19 Check the Alberta Soccer Association Provincial web site for all age level/gender/tier details.




Field Status & Location Information

City of Edmonton:  780.496.4999 ext. 1

City of Edmonton Field Status Notification Web Site

City of Edmonton Field Location Maps


EMSA South Complex Ivor Dent: 780.490.5789 updated 3:00 PM weekdays & 10:00 AM weekends

Spruce Grove:  780.962.7602

ESA Complex North (aka Henry Singer): 780.490.5789 updated 3:00 PM weekdays & 10:00 AM weekends

Sherwood Park:  780.467.5800

St. Albert City:  780.459.1568

St. Albert Riel:  780.458.8973 ext. 1



U7 Field Maps For Blackmud Creek & Heritage Point Communities

Blackmud Creek fields A, B, C, D

Johnny Bright fields A, B, C, D

Monsignor Fee Otterson fields A, B, C, D



Rules & Activities

SWEMSA U6 League Rules and Format

SWEMSA U8 League Rules and Format



SWEMSA Coach Seminar 2018 Notes

U4 Activities

U7 Activities

U9 Activities

U10 Activities