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Welcome to EMSA South West!

EMSA South West works with the community leagues of southwest Edmonton to run youth soccer programs for indoor and outdoor seasons and for our Premier soccer team.  For more information on our Premier program, please visit their web site swstingfc.teamsnapsites.comSEE OUR NEWS SECTION FOR 2018 OUTDOOR TRYOUT INFORMATION.

2017/18 Indoor Provincial Finals – CONGRATULATIONS:

U12 B Tier 2 – SW Sting FC (Wibrowski) – 10th place

U12 G Tier 4 – TRSA (Tasic) – 6th place

U14 B Tier 2 – SW Sting FC (Dolanjski) – 8th place

U14 B Tier 4 – Windsor Park (Ozelsel) – 7th place

U14 G Tier 2 – SW Sting FC (Aiken) – 6th place

U14 G Tier 3 – SW Sting FC (Hansen) – Gold

U14 G Tier 4 – Duggan (Molstad) – 9th place

U16 B Tier 2 – SW Sting FC (Halat) – Silver

U16 B Tier 4 – TRSA (Romney) – 4th place

U16 G Tier 2 – SW Sting FC (Matic) – 5th place

U16 G Tier 3 – SW Sting FC (Hansen) – 7th place

U18 B Tier 2 – SW Sting FC (Kottke) – 6th place

U18 B Tier 4 – Belgravia (Zeschuk) – 4th place

U18 G Tier 4 – Yellowbird (Hilbrecht) – Silver


2017/18 Indoor Inter Cities Finals – CONGRATULATIONS:

U12 B Pool A – Blue Quill (MacInnes) – Silver

U12 G Pool B – Parkallen (Beschell) – Bronze

U14 B Pool B – Greenfield (Carothers) – Bronze

U16 B Pool A – TRSA (Martinez Oliver) – Bronze

U16 G Pool A – Twin Brooks (Beeby) – Gold




Outdoor 2018 Soccer Registration – Wait List 



If your address has changed since you last registered in our soccer system, please contact the SWEMSA Administrator (Zone.Administrator@swemsa.org) before registering.


9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Monday – Friday)



Registration is done on-line through emsasoccerportal.com.  If you have never registered before, you will need to set up a Household account first with all parent & player details.  Once that’s done, you can register players & volunteers for the season.  If you need assistance, please contact your community Soccer Coordinator.  Click here for a list of all Coordinators.

  • U5 = Born in 2013/2014 – *Game day Saturday
  • U7 = Born in 2011/2012 – Game day Monday/Wednesday
  • U9 = Born in 2009/2010 – Game day Tuesday/Thursday
  • U11 = Born in 2007/2008 – Game day Monday/Wednesday
  • U13 = Born in 2005/2006 – Game day Tuesday/Thursday
  • U15 = Born in 2003/2004 – Game day Monday/Wednesday
  • U17 = Born in 2001/2002 – Game day Sunday/Thursday
  • U19 = Born in 1999/2000 – Game day Sunday/Tuesday

*check with your Community Soccer Coordinator for confirmation on U5 play days


SW Sting FC Outdoor tryouts begin mid-March – registration is needed.  For information on the SW Sting FC program & the registration link, click here.  To view the tryout schedule, click here.


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